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Mission Statement

Aqua Nova Engineering, PLC is an engineering services company dedicated to meeting water treatment and management needs with solutions that are reliable, easy to operate and have minimal energy requirements. Aqua Nova Engineering staff has experience with a variety of technologies from natural systems to membrane bio-reactors with particular expertise in advanced, engineered wetland systems and bio-filtration. Our experience includes not only engineering and permitting, but construction oversight, commissioning and operations support.

Aqua Nova Engineering brings the following skills, experience and attitude to each client.

  •     Flexible engineering to integrate various technologies to provide optimal solutions
  •     Extensive knowledge of treatment technologies and their application
  •     Commitment to quality completion of all phases of projects
  •     Construction oversight experience to ensure systems are constructed as designed
  •     Commissioning and operator training expertise to provide efficient start-up and operations
  •     Experienced operations support staff to assist in operation and maintenance of systems


Aqua Nova Engineering, PLC was formed in 2010 by David Maciolek, P.E. to provide quality engineering solutions based on his extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment, including Living Machine® Systems and other innovative technologies.  Aqua Nova staff has worked on design, permitting, construction oversight and commissioning of many advanced water systems and wastewater treatment and recycling systems.  Since 2012, Aqua Nova has been involved in the design of several recirculating aquaculture systems and has provided engineering support, design review and wastewater consulting services.

The company is based in Earlysville, Virginia, near Charlottesville and has strategic partners in the Virginia, the Northeast, the Northwest and California.

Key Personnel

David J. Maciolek, P.E., President and Senior Engineer

Mr. Maciolek has over 20 years of full-time engineering experience primarily related to water and wastewater management, including treatment systems for municipal, commercial/industrial and small scale wastewater and stormwater flows.  He is recognized as a co-developer and the lead engineer of the Living Machine® Systems, advanced wetland systems for wastewater and stormwater treatment.  Mr. Maciolek has overseen or had significant involvement in the design, construction and commissioning of over twenty–three systems for wastewater and stormwater treatment since 1998.  

Mr. Maciolek is a registered professional engineer in twelve states.  His university degrees are:

  • BS, Environmental Engineering, California State University, Humboldt (1990)
  • MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California-Davis (1995)

​Donna M. Lydon, MS, Office Manager and Engineering Assistant

Donna Lydon combines years of administrative experience with a background in engineering. Her experience in the development and review of engineering models and documents allows her to contribute to project deliverables and provide quality control.  She is a dedicated manager who ensures that things are done and done properly.  She has experience in project financial management that she uses to oversee Aqua Nova Engineering finances.

Ms. Lydon’s university education is listed below:

  • BS, Civil Engineering, Loyola Marymount University (1982)
  • MS, Environmental Engineering, California State University, Humboldt (1991)