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Frederick County Middle School - Wastewater

Winchester, VA

Stantec architecture retained Aqua Nova to design the wastewater management system for an award-winning middle school in Frederick County Virginia, near Winchester (*). The site soils available for disposal were shallow and had limited area. In addition, low nitrogen effluent was required. Aqua Nova designed a custom wastewater treatment and disposal system using a packaged MBBR treatment, a wetland polishing stage, and drip disposal.  Aqua Nova' services aldo included water treatment and supply from a newl on-site well (see Water Projects).

Aqua Nova provided preliminary and final engineering and pemitting. Aqua Nova worked cloeely with the Stantec and the general contractor to provide construction phase services adn and commissioning. The system was commissioned in August 2016. Ongoing engineering support provided to the operator.

(*) for more information on this award winning school, see the link below.

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