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San Juan Island Community Home Trust

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA

An affordable housing project on San Juan Island was not able to connect to the sewer system for the Town of Friday Harbor. Aqua Nova Engineering principal, David Maciolek (*) worked with 2020 Engineering to provide an innovative solution using a Tidal Flow Wetland Living Machine System (**) and subsurface drip disposal. The system has a capacity of 3,400 gallons per day of concentrated domestic sewage from 22 residences. Effluent is sent to drip disposal with future reuse.

Project work included construction drawings, permit approval, installation oversight, and startup for wastewater treatment system. Aqua Nova provided construction oversight and commissioned the system in March 2011.

(*) While employed at Worrell Water Technologies, LLC.

(**) Living Machine is a registered trademark of Dharma IP, LLC.

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